About Me


The first thing I’m always asked, is ‘So, erm, why ‘Red Sweets’?’. Well, I put together a think tank of some of Britain’s finest minds (my Mum), and after hours of intense debate (a chinwag over a cuppa), we decided that, as I was tucking in to yet another Jammy Dodger, why not name it after my other passion in life – eating. And so, christened after my favourite type of confectionery, Red Sweets Photography was born.

As for me, I’m just like everyone else. I like eating, pretending I eat healthily, and wondering who on earth those portion sizes on cereal boxes are really for. I don’t set fire to things, I hate Deirdre Barlow from Coronation Street, and I have two cats who I’m locked in a power struggle with, each of us vying for my wife’s attention. I also have a garden that I mostly ignore, choosing to believe that in its unkempt state it looks like the Lake District. Kind of.

Why wedding photography? I love it. I honestly couldn’t think of a better job. As a wedding photographer based in Blackpool and covering Lancashire and Cumbria I get to work in some amazing venues, where I spend my time photographing guests dressed to the nines, who are attending beautiful weddings celebrating friends and family tying the knot, and my job is to capture those memories for them. Sometimes I even get to tuck in to a pick’n’mix table, too.