All-Day Wedding Photography, only £950


9am to 11pm Coverage

I don’t understand why most photographers leave after the first dance.  Everyone's loosened up by that point and you can get some cracking shots later in the evening.  Gran and Grandad knocking back Sambucas, the occasional newly-married dance-off, or Auntie Barbara aggressively flirting with a best man.  Plus, y’know, everyone enjoying your wedding, of course.


Drone Photography Included

Providing the weather gods are feeling kind, I’ll use my drone to get some spectacular aerial images.  Unlike a lot of suppliers there’s no additional cost for this, but because of things like the weather, no fly zones and the fact I’m still on the run for the Heathrow Airport incident, I can’t guarantee it. However, if I get the chance it’ll definitely be out whilst I pull my concentration face and make missile noises.


Online Gallery

I used to send a USB stick once the pictures were finished, but you know what you can’t do with that? You can’t look at them at work. You can’t look at them on the toilet. And when your mums friend who’s dead annoying wants to see them, you can’t just send her a link. Now you can. A fully online, password-protected gallery that works on all devices.